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Tell -Tale Heart

The "Tell-Tale Heart" is about a mad man(narrator) killed the old man housemate, because narrator think the old man was annoyed and his eye(the old man's eye was wired). The narrator cuts the old body and buries it beneath on the floorboards of the bedroom. The three policemen comes because the neighbor heard the scream sounds. The narrator was very calm talk to them(policemens) and the narrator take the chairs to the three policemen to sit on, right was the spot where was the old man's body is buried. When the narrator sitting on the chair chatting with the policemens the narrator heard a noise the sound of a heart beat. It begins very softly but slowly grows louder and louder. The narrator very scared, because he think the narrator will hear it. Then the sound grows louder and louder he very scared, so he yelling and tells police what he do and the police open the floor and see it. After this, the narrator carzy...

Book Plot

The "Tell-Tale Heart" was a short story so they only has four main characters. The main characters was the narrator, the old man, the three policemen and a neighbor. The narrator was doesn't know what's "real" and "unreal", so he want kill the old man, because he think the old man eye it's scared him. The old man was more mystery than the narrator, because only see him through the narrator's skewed perspective. The three policemen and the neighbor actually not a main character; the three policemen comes the old man's house all because the neighbor heard a scream sound from old man's house so the neighbor find these policemen.

Main Characters

About the Author

The author named Edgar Allan Poe. He very like to write horror story. He born on Boston at January 19, 1809, and died on Baltimore at October 7, 1849. The author write this book at 1843. The book named "The Tell-Tale Heart", and that's a short story.

This book was talk about the narrator wanted kill the old man, because his eyes.

Tell-Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe


The "Tell-Tale Heart" has two main settings. One is the narrator in the house shared with the old man where it's the murder takes places. Second one is the locations from which the narrator tells his story and presumably.

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