Telescopes History and Kinds

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Telescopes History and Kinds

By: Maria Ines Ibarra Jaqueline Ting and P7

A telescope collects light and funnels it into your eye, allowing you to see things that are too faint to be seen by eye alone.


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The first telescope to actually work was created by Hans Lippershey in 1608.

Telescopes, History and Kinds

Early telescopes were rapidly purchased by merchants, who used them to search for competitors in trade ships.

Radio telescopes collect radio waves instead of light. The largest, built in a natural hollow in the ground in Puerto Rico in the Caribean, is 300 m across.

REFRACTORS The lenses attached refract the light penetrating through the device. These require little or no maintenance and have sealed tubes that keep out dust and reduce image-degrading air currents.

REFLECTORS use a large, heavy, concave mirror instead of a lens to gather and focus the light. Curved mirrors collect light and then reflect it for concentration.

CATADIOPTRIC or compound telescopes use both lenses and mirrors that direct and reflect the light towards a bigger mirror, thus, offering an overall better view.

In 1668, Isaac Newton built the first "practical" reflector. It consisted of a design that incorporated a small flat diagonal mirror to reflect the light to an eyepiece on the side of the telescope.



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