Telescopes and Algebra

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Telescopes and Algebra

The telescope first appeared in the Netherlands. In October 1608, an object with lenses that helped "seeing faraway things as though nearby," was created. The object magnified objects three or four times. The government gave an award to Hans Lippershey, the first creator of the telescope.


Galileo Galilei didn't actually create the telescope, he improved the first creation of the telescope. He is known to be the creator because his design was more effective and developed, so it became more famous

Telescope model created by GalileoGalilei.

The Huygen brothers also developed "aerial telescopes." These telescopes had lens placed over an iron tube at the top of a tall pole. These were not very effective because they had trouble being set and put them stable

NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990.Hubble has become the source of roughly 25 percent of all published astronomical pictures and information.


Gamma ray telescopes can detect light from the most violent explosions in the universe, probably caused by stars falling into black holes. If a gamma ray burst occurred within 6,000 light-years of us, we’d all be fried. These telescopes prevent us from these types of things

Algebra and Telescopes:Algebra and telescopes relate in many different ways. When you use a telescope you can see stars and many different celestial bodies. If you want to know how many stars are found in the galaxy, you can formulate an equation to find the answer. You can also use algebra to estimate the measurement of stars by seeing them throug a telescope. There are many different ways!




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