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Telescope Glog

TELESCOPESby Paulo Y.Sangwon L.Juan Pablo A.P1

1609-Galileo invents the telescope.

Telescopes are a tool invented by humans that has allowed us to view the things beyond our sight limitations. It has been improved and changes throughout the years to better help suit our needs. Telescopes can be used to observe stars, satelites, the sun and moon, and things in our solar system and beyond.

1670- Johannes Hevelius develops the refracting telescope.


The project is related to astronomy and telescopes in general because having a coordinate system helps us map the constelations in the sky and study it with telescopes. Coordinates and coordinate planes help us identify the locations of objects in an open space like the sky. Constelations organized in a coordinate plane map the sky into different sections so that we can later use telescopes to classify, identify and learn more about the space around us.

The Hubble telescope was launched in 1990. The Hubble telescope orbits around the earth and it allows us to view things that our earth telescopes would not normally view.

The Newtonian or refracting telescope was invented in the seventeenth century. It is used by professionals and common people alike to observe the sky and the planets.


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