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I decided to see my great friend Eumaeus when I arrived back to Ithaca. He was so happy to see me, as was I. A man, a beggar, was accompanying him. I greeted him with kindness. Then he got up and went outside the hut. A little later, I joined him and he took off his disguise and I recongnized him... it was Odysseus! My father is alive! We cried with happiness. But quickly we stopped and began making a plan to kill the suitors and win his palace back!

The days leading up

I am the son of Odysseus and Penelope, the Lord and Queen of Ithaca. I am setting out to find my father who has been missing for many years. I truly believe he is still alive. I also need his help making the suitors, that have taken over our home, depart!

-The suitors gave food to my father-Antinoos lectured Eumaious for bringing the beggar inside and he threw a foot stool at Odysseus; he greatly lacked hospitality-Odysseus fights Ithaca's beggar, Iros because Iros thinks that "the city doesn't need two beggars"-The beggar Odysseus tells Penelope that her husband will be back within the month-The maid washing my father's feet recognized his unique scar and knew it was Odysseus. He trusted her loyalty and made her promise to not tell anybody of his presence-Penelope decides to marry the man who can shoot Odysseus' bow through 12 axe heads-Athena visits Odyesseus' dreams and tells him to trust the gods for the next day is going to be very important -I told Eumaeus, Philoitos, and Melanthios that my father had returned and our plan. They promised to help us kill all the suitors

Our Plan

Odysseus goes to the palace disguised as a beggar and I have to hide the weapons. We are assuming that the suitors will treat my begging father with hospitality by letting him into the home and giving him food.


Eupeithes, the father of Antinoos, seeks revenge towards Odysseus and persuades the fathers of the dead suitors to join him. My father only kills Eupeithes before Athena comes to tell the fathers that Odysseus is king and they need to stop fighting.

Telemachus' Journal

Seeing my father after 20 years

Seizing Day

About Me

Antinoos and the suitors laughed as the beggar Odysseus wanted to try the bow. Penelope scolds Antinoos and tells him to let him try it. I sent my mother to her room to get rest. When she left, Odysseus took the shot although the suitors were laughing. He was the only one who succeeded Penelope's challenge and they immediately knew it was Odysseus and he had returned! Odysseus then kills Antinoos first and recieves help from the Eumaeus, Philoitos, and Melanthios. I was told to go away because I didn't complete my father's task as he wanted. After all the suitors were dead, I told my mother to greet her returned husband but she does not believe it is him. She tests if the man is Odysseus by telling him that he can sleep outside her room in a bed built by her husband. Odysseus becomes enraged and demands that she tells him who moved the rooms because he built built the bed right from an oak tree. She knew only Odysseus would know that and she knows that her husband is finally home!

I was so relieved and thankful when my father returned. I missed him terribly.



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