TEL 311 Fred Jones

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TEL 311 Fred Jones

The Positive Discipline Model

"The business of enforcing classroom standards and building patterns of cooperation to maximize learning and minimize disruption."

Theory of Behavior-To build positive classroom discipline, teachers should model appropriate behavior, and use appropriate classroom management methods.-Good teachers demonstrate appropriate behavior in all their daily routines and interactions.-3 steps to success -Body language -Administration -Parental support

Setting Students Up for Success 1) Seating Arrangements 2) Limit Setting Techniques 3) Responsibility Training Through Incentives

Limit Setting Techniques-Eye contact-Physical Proximity-Body Carriage-Facial Expression

Handling Problem Behavior-Teachers promote cooperation through responsibility training, helping students to demonstrate good behavior voluntarily.-Incentives are used to motivate students to start doing the right thing, maintain on-task behavior, and behave properly.-If these methods fail to control the students behavior than the "back-up system" is utilized -Conference with student/parents -Loss of privileges -Detention

What This Might Look LikeIn a history classroom the students work together in groups to create a presentation on the topic they have been assigned. The teacher monitors their behavior by walking around the class and holding brief conversations with each of the groups. The students are working towards the incentive provided by the teacher, that the first group completed and ready to present gets 5 extra credit points.




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