Teens Keeping A Balanced Diet

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Teens Keeping A Balanced Diet

Teens Keeping A Balanced DietBy: AlexaJohnson

Questions:1: How much food is enough?2: What are some good food choices for each food group?3: What happens if you eat bad food?4: How do you know if food is healthy?5: Why do teens need a balanced diet?6: What is having a balanced diet?

This is what your plate should look like for every meal:

S: Show teens how easy it is to keep a balanced diet.M: Anyone who reads this presentation in the next week will learn from my information.A: I want to achieve this goal by making a presentation that teens can read.R: This goal may not be achievable, because some people might not feel like holding up their diet.T: October 22th, 2015.

1: Always get small portions and add more after you know you're hungry. Sometimes you need to let your stomach sit and wait to fully digest. 2: In veggies and fruits, the dark colored ones are usually the healthier choices. Whole grain bread and brown rice is also a better choice than white.3: Eating bad food can cause your organs to clog and stop funtioning correctly, possibly causing death.4: Processed food is not healthy, healthy homemade meals, freshly cooked and store bought are very good for your body. 5: Teens need a balanced diet for growth reasons.6: Having a balanced diet is making good choices about what you put in your body.


Go to this website, and see good suggestions for each food group, according to Michelle Obama.http://www.choosemyplate.gov/moms-making-healthy-food-choices Other Websites:http://healthyeating.sgate.com/teenage-diet-affect-overall-health-2180.htmlhttp://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/healthy-eating-teens.aspx

What it means to eat healthy:

Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods. It simplymeans eating a variety of foods, and cutting back on food and drinks with high fat and sugar, such as sugary fizzy drinks (soda), cakes and, chocolate. These foods should be eaten less often and in smaller amounts. If a teenager constantly eats unhealthy, this can causephysical, emotional, and mental problems. Eating a few fruits and veggies every single day can help balance your diet, and help keepyou in the habit up into your adulthood.

Making tough decisions like whether to eat cake orfruit is hard. Some ways to help prevent yourself from making the wrong decision will help to impactyour life. First, think about what can happen if youpick the cake. What you eat today WILL affect howyou live in the future. You don't eat because you feel like it or you're bored, you eat because it willhelp your body. The fruit is obviously the best choice,tell yourself "If I eat this fruit everyday this week, Iwill reward myself with a small piece of cake on the weekend". That way you get the cake, but you are rewarding yourself because you ate the fruit.


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