Teenage Social Cliques

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Teenage Social Cliques

Teenage Social CliquesLeira Sechong

Teenage Social Cliques start to develop as the child goes through many changes such as emotional , cognitive and biological. At around the ages 10-12 they start to make desicions on their own.The automatic sense we have of sorting ourselves starts from the school envirnment itself.Usually bigger schools have a wider range of people to chose from. Adolescents laern to evaluate themselves through the eyes of fellow peers. As we grow up its important for us to attach ourselves to some kind of identity.


On the good side

On certain ocassions cliques can be a positive thing. They can be some of your most closest friends and the ones you tell every dirty secret to.Experiencing peer group and social dynamics can play a role in the later success of adult life.These people could be your closest and dearest friends you'll always cherish.

Major Conflicts

As we all may know the "Mean Girls", they are the perfect example of the negative cliques we should all avoid. Not only do they have originality , but they have such rigid standards. From colors , to what they wear on certain days. Theese actions could and most often end up in bullying, as cliques tend to look down on people and waste even more time depending on their social hiearchy.

Usually the most valued person is the person with the most high social standing.As the 'popular' person, they lead the actions and doings of the group.

Why do teenage social cliques matter to this society ? Social Cliques are shortcuts for us to find our true identity and to calm our need of belonging. As growing adolescents the identification with peers become more and more aggressive . As we grow we tend to attach ourselves to people we feel comfortable and closer with. These choices of comradery sculpt our adulthood. So in summarization , Teenage Social Cliques is an importnt topic to understand because we need to realize why we as people orgainze ourselves within these groups.


Key Roles


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