Teenage gang

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Teenage gang

Before you think of getting in a gang you should think of all th bad things it can cause to your life and the ones around you.

Being in gang is a bad idea you can end up in jail or even causing your own death or someone else death.

Gang- Is a group of people that are violet doing illegal things also doing criminal activities that could end up in jail.Teenegers are more common to do moresirious and violet crimes.

Teenage Gang

Avoiding GangsNever carry a weaponNever say you going to hurt some one elseDon't be around or even hang out with people that are in GangsDon't wear clothing that have gang symbols or gaing hand signsTell a adult if you see some one doing a crime

Girls avoiding GangsDo not date boys that are in gangs.Do not wear gang clothing.Get in sports or get a job.Be honest to parents and set goals.

Is time to stop the violence,stop the crimes and dont join a gangs. Spend time with family also dont get close to gang members. Look for things to do to distrect your mind.

Do not join a gang because you think they are cool and poupular because they are not.They only want to hurt you or others.

Getting out of a GangIt will not be easy but it will take timeSTOP dressing like a gang person ad stop acting like one.DONT tell people in the gang you thinking of getting out.DO other things like spending time with famiy or doing activities.DONT be alone be with people that are not in gangs.

There is gangs all over the world.Dont mess with them they will hurt you.If you see some one that looks like is in a gang just walk away and dont look at them bad.

If some one is forcing you to join a gang think before saying someting wrong.Tell adult right away.Dont not be friends with does people.


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