Teen Trends

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Teen Trends

There are all types of leading causes to commiting dangerous and life threatening trends. One of the common reasons why teens commit these trends is due to no attention by there parents or loved ones. Or one of the famous leading causes are teens seaking social media fame and respect.

Trends are something that some teenagers struggle with and others do not, but more importantly, trying to follow and keep up with these trends can sometimes be dangerous.

The effects can last only for a while but can also last for permanently. For example like mental health issues, or physicaly scarred for life.Like burns, scars, and or death.

There are many ways to prevent dngerous teen trends. For example being assertive and saying NO. Or you can just stop haqnging with the wrong crowd that wants you to endanger your own life. The average U.S. high schools' teens only 18% do hookah.


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Teen Trends


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