Teen Rebellion

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Teen Rebellion

Adolecence is a time when we are eager to be adults.-AimeeShe believes that it was not okay for Homer to yell at his dad, but we all do in our process to grow up.

Quinceanera- A party that is thrown for an adolescent when he or she reaches the age 15 in Mexican culture

When one reaches puberty, both sexes go through physical changes. And we all know how fun THAT can be.

Teen Rebellion is part of adolecence -Aimee ST

Adolecence is a time where we find ourselves -RachelShe would say that it would be okay to express ourselves like Homer because we are all testing the waters of our emotions

It's a common reaction to adolecence -Megan SF

Teen rebellion occurs because we think we know what is best - Rachel NF

Adolecence is a hard and challenging time, but you just have to go through it with self confidence -MeganShe would say that Homer yelling at his father was wrong but that it is understandable and even probably good for him to let all of the bottled up emotions out.

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The first six uploads on this page are all about teen rebellion and adolescence. They communicate certain aspects about adolescence and society's expectations of adolescents.

Expectations: parents and teachers expect children to be good and try their best, to work hard, be the best they can be, act grown up, savor their youth, and look towards a bright future.Adolescents expect their friends to be trustworthy and loyal, and their friends expect them to be in to the same things.


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