Teen pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy

INTRODUCTION The topic that I reasearhed is called teen pregnancy, which is a risky behavior teenagers enaged. It has been introduced ture and well in this report with facts and statistics.Teen pregnancy is not a really familar topic to me. My thoughts regarding to teen pregnancy are that, I am aware of teen pregnancy from daily news or some TV shows.I was not aware that there are many reasons for teenagers to join in such risky behaviors.

Analyisis The resources that I put on this report including movie, article, music, etc, have indicates that there are actually a lot of teenagers participate in this risky behaviors. America has a high rate of teenager pregnancy. Teenagers involves in the teenager pregnancy is a result of curiousity, peer pressure and lack of knowledge.

Teen Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Magzine Article Even with a steadily declining adolescent birth rate, two in five young women will become pregnant before age twenty, and four out of five of those pregnancies will be unintended, including about half of those among married teenage girls. Whatever their circumstances, though, the news that they are pregnant usually comes as a shock, and often not a welcome one.The unforeseen development typically throws young lives into turmoil, at least for a time, forcing the girl to make perhaps the most agonizing decision of her life. Does she carry the baby to term, as 50 percent of pregnant teenagers elect to do? Or does she terminate the pregnancy?It is hoped she knows she can count on her mother and father for guidance and support as she confronts these choices. Youngsters who fear meeting with rejection or abuse at home may try to keep the pregnancy a secret as long as possible. As a result, they often don’t receive adequate prenatal care and counseling during the crucial early months of fetal development.One-third of girls aged fifteen to nineteen, and one-half of girls under fifteen receive no prenatal care at all during their first trimester. The lack of medical attention can lead to problems later on. If they go forward with the pregnancy, the pregnancy could be complicated with an increased risk for mother and baby. And if they choose to abort, the earlier the procedure is performed the safer it will be.However, anxiety over Mom and Dad’s reaction isn’t the only reason a girl may hide the fact that she is pregnant. “Young women can be in terrible denial,” explains Dr. Claire Brindis, “simply refusing to accept the reality of their condition.” Psychologists call this dissociation. Since today’s baggy fashions make it easier for a girl to go for months, or perhaps through her entire pregnancy, without anyone noticing her expanding abdomen, don’t go by appearances alone. If you suspect that your daughter might be pregnant but is trying to hide it, act on your intuition—but tactfully, perhaps with words like these: “Honey, you’ve been complaining of feeling tired and nauseous the last week or so, and you’re going to the bathroom a lot. Are you all right? You remind me of what I felt like when I was pregnant.”

Poem: All Alone For NowIt happened at the age of sixteen,She was scared to look up at that screen.Knowing there was a little heart beat,She would soon get kicked out to the street.So she kneeled down to pray,How could I make this go away?The thought then came in her mind,But she knew she could not cross that line.She was scared and all alone,And knew she could not go home.Life began to get to rough,But she knew she had to be tough.Just when she thought everyone had gone,It happened at the light of dawn.When she woke up in that room,She then started to bloom.Seeing the sight of her little girl,With her red hair and that one tiny curl.She knew her life was now complete,Hearing her daughter's healthy heart beatSource: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/all-alone-for-now#ixzz3thnb6r9T #FamilyFriendPoems

SolutionThere are still ways to prevent teens from teenage pregnancy. First, the school or parents should well educated the teenager about the sex and the consquence of it. Secondly, the teenagers should take the responsible of themsleves, espeically the girls. The parents or counslers should give the adolescent more care and attention when they about to make the wrong decision.


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