[2015] Avery Crow: Teen Pregnancy

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[2015] Avery Crow: Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Avery Crow

-Daughters of teen mothers are 22% more likely to have a child as a teenager-Sons of teenage mothers are 13% more likely to end up in jail-Birth rates going down by about 12% each year-90% fathers leave the mother when she's pregnant-Growing up without a father leads to higher incarceration rates



-820,000 teens get pregnant each year-80% of those pregnancies are not planned-America is the leading country in terms of teen pregnancy-26% of teenage pregnanacies end in abortion-1.5% of teen mothers have a college degree-80% of unmarried teen mothers are on Welfare-1/3 of teen mothers get a high school degree

What are schools doing?

-Most schools offer sexual education, or health-Not all schools require students to take the class-Studies show that kids who took a sexual education class waited to have sex-Students who had sex, but went through this class used were more likely to use contraceptives


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