Teen Financial Literacy

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Teen Financial Literacy

Teen FinancialLiteracy

ProfessorSavings: Finance Basics on MobileThis YouTube channel is completely dedicated to financial management advice. Key topics include buying stock, setting a budget, online banking, and much, much more! Bonus: Delightful British accents

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Got money on your mind? Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world and put that know-how to good use. Being finacially literate means you've got the skills to manage your current and future cash flow. Whether you're prepping to buy your first car or just want to make the most of your monthly allowence, getting to know the key principles of personal finance is a great way to gear up for your financial future.

Junior Achievement Student CenterThis easy-to-use site provides great resources for learning how to manage your money, pay for college, and make your dream of starting your own business a reality. There are tons of useful tools for assessing what you know about personal finance and making a plan for financial success. Oh, and games, games, games!

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program This subpage of the National Endowment for Financial Education site gives teens the tools they need to get acquainted with personal finance. They offer a six lesson program on a variety of topics including, borrowing, investing, and insurance. Links to articles and tools on more specific topics are also provided.

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* Teenagers -- Finance, Personal*Budgets, Personal*Finance, Personal*Young adults -- Finance, Personal.*Teenagers -- Finance, Personal -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.*Investments.*Saving and investment.

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This free app from mint.com helps you track your finances on the go. Set up a monthly budget and break it down into categories such as clothes, food, entertainment, and gas to see where your money is going.

Mint (iOS, Android, Windows)

SMarty Pig (iOS, ANdroid)

Another freebie, this mobile app helps you save up for big purchases. Set goals, add funds, and keep it safe with award-winning protection.

Cash and credit information for teens : tips for a successful financial life including facts about earning money, paying taxes, budgeting, banking, shopping, using credit, and avoiding financial pitfalls edited by Karen BellenirThis extensive book will equip you with practical advice for navegating important finacial siutations. Tips are given for buying cars, choosing a credit card, taking education loans, and more. An index helps you find what you need.

Rich dad, poor dad for teens: the secrets about money, that you don't learn in school! by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. LechterThis teen edition of the adult bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad, hones in on financial issues that matter to teens. This book will help you identify your financial strengths and weaknesses, teach you important money lingo, and get you thinking creatively about planning for you financial future.

The teen's guide to personal finance: basic concepts in personal finance that every teen should know by Joshua Holmberg and David Bruzzese This super straightforward—and super short—guide has tons of tips to get you in the right mindset to plan out your finances. It also highlights useful tools and some of the most common pitfalls that lead to financial ruin.


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