Teen Depression

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Teen Depression

Did you know?That the opposite of depression is vitality.

Teen Depressionby: Sierra MillerFindings have shown 1 out of 8 teens or 12.5% suffer from depression. Depression usually ranges between 15-30 year olds. Why do you get depression? This is a common question that many people seek the answer to. There are lots of causes for depression in teens. Teens can develope feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy over grades, school performance, social status, sexual orientation, or family life. If you're a teen and suffer from depression you shouldn't feel like it is your fault. becaause depression can run through families. To know if yourself or someone you know suffers from depression, you should look for the symptons, such as: changes in thinking and behavior, no motivation, become withdrawn from friends and family, sleep excessively, change in eating habits, criminal behaviors, complaints of pain, preoccupation with death and dying, sadness, alcohol/drug use, etc. Depression isn't diagnosed, healthcare determines through interviews and tests if you experience these symptoms.. What are some things you can do if suffering from depression? Face the problem, identify the problem, and take action. The three forms of treatment for depression are physical examination, therapy, and medication.

Did you know?

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