Teen Bullying

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Teen Bullying

Bullying includes behaviors that focus on making someone feel inadequate, or focus on belittling someone else.

Talk to younger people around you about the harmful effects of bullying.The impact of bullying are depression and anxiety, health complaints to get out of school and decrease in school performance.Tell someone!!!


What is Bullying?

Physical Bullying: This is the most obvious form of bullying, physical domination of another personVerbal Bullying: They use demeaning language to tear down another's self-image.Emotional Bullying: aims at getting someone to feel isolated and even prompt depression.Cyber Bullying: Uses social medias to attack another person.

Types of Bullying?

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Organizations/ Bibliography

About 30% of teens get bullied.There are many factors to being bullied other than being not like for example your sexual orientaion or race.

Pacer's National Bullying Prevention CenterEnd to Cyber Bullying Organizationwww.bullyingstatstics.orgwww.pacer.orgwww.endcyberbullying.orgwww.stopbullying.gov

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Teen Bullying


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