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Teen Books

Teen Books

Teen Books

ife was going along just fine for Ben Campbell until he hit fourteen. That was the year his father announced that he was gay and his mother left. His dad's boyfriend moved in, and Ben started counseling -- and also misbehaving.

Frankie Torres Towers knows his older brother, Steve, is endangering his college scholarship by staying out all night with the local cholos and picking fights with his soccer teammates. What is he going to do?

Cornelia Thornhill avoids eye contact with others, stutters badly, is presumed to be slow at school, and likens herself to a stone, hard and strong way down inside. Taken out of school during ninth grade by her shiftless mother, she is dropped off at Great-aunt Agatha's house while mother and her boyfriend depart for places out west. How does this lonely girl cope?

Brett McCarthy lives for soccer, vocabulary words, and her largerthan-life grandmother.But her huge mouth gets into trouble. She has been suspended 2X, is friendless, and lunching with the principal every day.Will she change?

A 17 year old in seventh grade? Dougie takes everything literally, lacks social graces, and is a loner. Other students feel threatened by Dougie's disturbing behavior and react by targeting him with cruelty and violence, which only serves to escalate his descent into unreality, isolation, and obsession.

A stranger high on PCP crashes a family gathering, brandishing a machete. Dad's heart gives out while fending off the intruder, who then hacks his way into the bedroom where 15-year-old Paulie is hiding. A scene from a lurid horror novel?


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