Teddy Roosevelt

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Politicians and Presidents

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Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was giving a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for his 3rd election when he was shot at. The bullet whent through his eyeglass case and his speech paper. Roosevelt survived this and he continued with the sppech and he went to the hospital later. Roosevelt said it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.

Panama CanalRough Riders

1898 - Started the Rough Riders1903 - Bought the Panamal Canal 1901 - Roosevelt became president1912 - Teddy Roosevelt survived an assaination atempt.

The Rough Riders were a regiment of calvary that served during the Spanish-American War in Cuba. The Rough Riders captured the San Juan Hill which was a important point and battle in the war.

Progressive Era Contribution

Teddy Roosevelt had a prodressive mind and wanted to stop corrupted politics and political machines.


Teddy Roosevelt was a vice president. He took over office when William Mckinley was assininated. The people liked him so much when his term was up he was re-elected.

Teddy Roosevelt



Panama Cannal

Teddy Roosevelt bought the Panama Cannal from Panama for $10 million and and annual annuity of $250,000 a year. The Panamal Cannal allowed for faster trade routes to other countries.


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