Tectonic Plates

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Tectonic Plates



San Andreas Fault

There is so much to do in California, like:* visit family fun places like Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.* drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge.* see you favorite athletes compete in the Dodger Stadium.

Map of Plate Tectonics

Visit Iceland, one of the only places in the world where the mid-ocean ridge reaches above the ocean! This exciting feature is caused by two divergent plates, or two plates pulling apart. These plates are known as the North American and Eurasian Plates. Because the ridge is above the water's surface, it is a lot easier for geologists to study. Come to Iceland and take part in this fun adventure!

That's not all there is to do in the great country of Iceland: * Visit Thingvellir National Park to see the site of the first parliament.* See the beauty of the Gullfoss Waterfall, as water sparkles down the rocks like cascading diamonds.* Watch Strokkur, one of the many geysers, as it shoots water 15 meters into the air.* At Silfra, snorkel in between the two plates and see the amazing marine life below in the clear water.

Spend some time in the snow filled Himalayas were is the youngest mountain ranges are located. Geologists find them very interesting because they are also where you can experience many earthquakes. These beautiful mountains are formed by convergent plates when India collided with Asia, or when the Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate collided. These magnificent mountains are in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan and Nepal. So pack you bags and come visit the Himalayas!

There are many things to do on the fun filled Himalayas:*See if you can hike up to the top. Mount Everest, one of the mountains in the Himalayas, is the tallest mountain on earth. Can you make it to the peak?*Explore the wildlife. See if you can spot a snow leopard or some of the other beautiful fauna.

Come explore the San Andreas Fault in California. This wonderful site was formed by transform plate boundaries sliding by each other. The plates that caused this were the Pacific and North American Plate. Geologists find the splendid site interesting because it provides a place for them to study the many earthquakes that occur at transform plates. Come to California and visit this outstanding location!













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