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Technology by Ning Hu



Old CalculatorsBlaise Pascal invented the calculator in 1642, unfortunately only able to perform addition and substraction. Metal wheel dials contained digits 0-9, where the user placed a stylus in the space corresponding to each number. The user rotates the dial until a stop at the bottom is reached, then repeated this until the wanted digits are reached. The sum or difference is then displayed.


Old telephonesThe telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell in the purpose of having longer distance communication. Sound waves from the voice enter the mouthpiece, which then get carried by an electric current to the other telephone's receiver.

New phonesNew phones allow communication around the world, access to the web and apps for specific purposes. Mobile phones convert voices to an electric signal that is transmitted as radio waves and converted to sound on the other phone. They have small antennas and use very little power, which gives them a compact size. The cellphone signal can only reach a limited distance, so phone masts are placed in an organised manner in populated areas so that the phone can stay connected while switching from mast to mast.

New TelevisionThe purpose of the television is to entertain and inform viewers by showing real-time events happening around the world, such as political speeches and sport competitions. The TV has 3 parts: the TV camera that turns sounds and pictures into signals, the TV transimitter that sends signals through the air and the TV reciever, that finds the signal and converts it into sounds and pictures again.

New calculatorsManipulation of all mathematical operations becomes available with modern calculators. When pressing a button, the rubber membrane beneath the button becomes compressed, making electrical contact with the two layers in the keyboard sensor. Then, the processor chip finds out which button you pressed, showing the result on the display.

Old TelevisionInvented in 1927 by Philo Farnsworth, the television's purpose was to allow viewers to see moving objects on a screen. Photocathode emissions created an electron image, which was then scanned to produce an electronic signal representing the image.


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