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What’s an e-Portfolio: An e-portfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts An e-portfolio may contain inputted text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks

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Why e-Portfolio: Making learning experience more engaging Facilitate communication and collaboration Gain computer and employability skills while creating and editing the portfolio Electronic portfolio is stored digitally on a web server and content can be accessed from any-where anytime. Can incorporate multiple learning actives such as documents, blogs, multimedia, hyperlinks, etc. Electronic portfolio promotes student centered learning Can be used as an assessment tool

e-Portfolio in Action

e-Portfolios as a Learning and Teaching Tool in IT - Survey

I really enjyed this part of of the course

Survey Results

It was fun

Class was fun and interesting

Time consuming

Observations • Almost every student who has participated the survey, find it is fun and useful tool• All the twelve participants agree that the e-Portfolios have made work interesting• All the twelve participants agree that the e-Portfolios can be used to present their work to others• Ninety percent of them find this is a new way to present their work

What Students Say About e-Portfolios

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