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-Educational researchers emphasize the need for learning settings to be adaptable and flexible in order for personalized learning to take root.-Students’ preferences and needs must be understood accurately before designing or implementing personalized learning activities.


Integrating Personalized Learning

Pathways of Development for Personalized Learning


Personalized learning includes a wide variety of approaches to support self-directed and group-based learning that can be designed around each learner’s goals.

The goal of integrating more personalized learning into schools is to enable students to learn with their own strategy and pace, and demonstrate their knowledge in a manner that is uniquely their own.

#1 Organized by and for the learner, which includes apps, social media, and related software.#2 School goals and interests are driving the other path, primarily in the form of adaptive learning. In this pathway, adaptive learning is enabled by intervention-focused machine intelligence that interprets data about how a student is learning and responds by changing the learning environment based on their needs. While the concept of personalized learning is fairly fluid, it is becoming clearer that it is individualized by design, different from person to person, and built around a vision of life-long learning.

Authentic Learning Communities

WHAT ARE AUTHENTIC Learning Communities?!- Use of learning strategies that incorporate real life experiences- Focuses on real-world, complex problems and their solutionsPractices such as these may help retain students in school and prepare them for further education, careers, and citizenship in a way that traditional practices are too often failing to do.


- Authentic Learning Experience at Crest Secondary School Creative Capitalists - Let’s Make World A Better Place How Can Authentic Community Engagement be Fostered Through Federal Policy? How Technology Can Support Authentic Learning HP LIFE e-Learning The inGenious Code: School - Industry Collaboration

Authentic Learning

- Initial vocational education, in which high school students are undertaking apprenticeships and shadowing professionals at local enterprises- Students mirror the work of scientists from the design process to the scientific assessment of their projects- 3D printing in the humanities- Virtual Enterprises International - in-school, business simulation

- Learning by doing in science- Establish mutually beneficial relationships with businesses, organizations, and public entities in the community - Invest in other types of work-based learning, including the development of onsite labs and workshops in schools that link back to the offsite vocational training

Ideas to Create Authentic Learning Communities

Current Examples

-Adequate mentorship, especially at the K-12 level, is still a clear necessity. In this model, there is a need for teachers to adjust their roles in the classroom to focus less on dispensing information through lectures and more on being guides.


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