Technology, Weapons, and Ironclads

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Technology, Weapons, and Ironclads

Ironclad WarshipsThey could:• Destroy wooden ships.• Withstand cannon fire.• Resist burning.At the start of the Civil War the North had a distinct naval advantage as the South didn't have a dedicated Navy.

Telegraph was a new form of communication.Union took advantage of this invention by using it to:• Monitor battlefield reports.• Set up meetings to strategize.• Deliver orders to men.


Weapons and Ships

Inventions for transportation: • Hot air balloons allowed Union to know about confederate movements.• Railroads were used to move troops and supplies.• Army Ambulances were used to carry soldiers unfit for fighting to field hospitals.

Weapons:Rifles with Minié bullets were popular during the Civil War, they more accurate and deadlier.Rifles had a much greater range.Minié bullets were quicker to load and able to kill at half a mile.Gatling guns were a famous machine gun, capable of firing up to 350 rounds a minute.Mines, also known as “torpedoes”, were largely used as a Confederate weapon. Underwater mines were used from both sides to mine harbors and rivers.

Gatling Gun



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