Technology Use in the Classroom

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Technology Use in the Classroom

Technology Use in the Classroom:Positive or Negative for Student Motivation?EDFN 545- Lauren Hannaford

A study by Baker U. found students who used Ipads during math class were on task longer than those using paper and pencil. Another study I looked at by Uconn found that even though students may be more interested in learning with computers, it doesn't always mean they learn best that way. In the study, they had one group of students who completed a project using computers and another who had the choice between computers and tradtional methods. Those students with the choice of using computers scored higher than those who were forced to use computers.

WATCH this the future?

'BYOD'?- Bring Your Own Device:-Northern Michigan U. did a study on BYOD's effectiveness in the classroom and found a positive impact with increasing motivation, student engagement, and that they demonstrated more attentiveness to the lessons.-Inviting this concept into the classroom promoted learning 24/7.-As postitve as the study showed for students, it actually gave warnings for teachers who may want to implement this in their own classroom. The study mentioned teachers need to be willing to accept the extra work it will take to not only change the class lesson plans, but also to reach out to all parents before implementing this to make sure every child is able to bring a device to class (if not, there needs to be a device that child can use provided by the school).

Overall, there was evidence to support higher student motivation in the classroom through the use of technology, although it wasn't as overwhelming as I had thought it would be. The Uconn study I looked at brought up an excellent point that I find is worth mentioning moving forward. The use of technology in classrooms can benefit those students who want to use technology and those who would rather use traditional methods (paper/pencil, books, etc.), but it may not have an impact on test scores in students with no interest in using it. Students need to be motivated to want to learn using technology to see the impact in their grades.Thinking towards the future, I really liked the conversations happening in the video on the left. I'm sure blended learning, as shown in the video, is happening already, but is this the future of education? Video-streaming teachers into classrooms, half online curriculum and half in-class? I feel this is something to keep an eye on as the newer generations are growing up with such advanced technology, it's contributing to how they want to be taught, how they learn, and how they are motivated inside and outside the classroom.Questions for future research on this topic include:-What the credentials look like in blended type classrooms?-How can teachers tailor lessons for those students who want the traditional methods compared to those who want to use technology?- Can teachers personalize learning without the use of technology? Or will that not be as effective?

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