Technology Through the Ages

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Technology Through the Ages

The first cell phone was invented in 1973. Martin Cooper was the person who invented this piece of technology. The nickname for this phone ,which is shown below, was "The Brick." The structure was 10 inches long and it weighed 2.5lbs. It functions by dialing a number and you are able to hear and talk to the other person. One of the reasons he made was because he was competing with his compeititor at Bell Labs. He felt proud to have beat his competitor and he enjoyed bragging about it. It was made in a building between 53rd and 54th street in New York City. Martin Cooper was born in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois.

Technology Through The Ages

This invention changed peoples lives forever. It was made to help people stay in contact or call for help. This made it a part of technology because it is used to help people. This piece of technology lead to the cell phones we have today. If Martin Cooper hadn't invented the first cell phone we might not have the same kind of phones we have today like iPhones.

Fun Facts1)The first cellphones' talk time was 35 minutes.2)The time it took to charge was 10 hours!3)The only thing you could do on this was talk, listen, and dial the numbers. 4) Martin Cooper invented it to beat his competitor at Bell Lab.

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