Technology Through the Ages

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Technology Through the Ages

How is it used?

How was it used? A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing in characters. It was made in 1868. The computor took its place.


Technology Through the Ages

Name: Benjamin Jensen

Example: Type Writer

Example: Computor

How is it used? A computor is used to store data such as pictures, to play games, and many other things aswell. Then first freely programable computor was made in 1936.


How is it used? These virtually invisible devices include earbuds that monitor heart rate, sensors worn under clothes to track posture, a temporary tattoo that tracks health vitals and haptic shoe soles that communicate GPS directions through vibration alerts felt by the feet.


Example: Body-Adapted wearable electronics

New Version:

Why are both versions still used? When might you use the old or new version? A handheld can opener is used over preferance to the electric can opener, or you are on a camping trip. So people use electric ones at home.


Old Version:


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