Technology Through the ages: Pocket Calculator

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Technology Through the ages: Pocket Calculator

Fun Facts@ The abacus was just the beginning of the calculator in general. It was one of the first designs to make math easier. @ The first mechanical calculator was made in 1642 by a kid named Blaise Pascal.

Technology Through the Ages: Pocket Calculater

Basic Facts@ It was made in 1972.@ It was made for the reason of making math faster and easier.@ It was created by a man by the name of Curt Henzstark.

This is a picture of the inventor:

This is a sideways calculator:

By: Taylor Allen

This project is on pocket calculators.

Structure and FunctionStructure:The structure to this object is that it has buttons, and it has a glass screen, it has metal, on it and lastly, it has some plastic.s Function:The function is to do math quicker and more efficiently.


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