Technology Through the Ages Mechanical Television

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Inventors and Inventions

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Technology Through the Ages Mechanical Television

Technology Through The Ages Mechanical Television

About the Inventor

These were the first television images ever

John Baird had a dream to invent a piece of technology that could show moving pictures. To carry out this dream he earned money by selling socks and soap. Once he started he had to borrow money from freinds to get the materials. From a young age he enjoyed tinkering with devices in his home. He was the youngest of the kids in hs family.When he was a boy, his home town only add 92 phones.

This invention improved life in multiple ways. First of all some shows can teach people things they didn't know, or how to do something. Also the news can inform them of things that are going on. Like if they were planning a picnic, but the news said it would rainy, they would rescedule, or if there was traffic, they would take another road. It can also be used to entertain. If a person is bored they can watch sports, or a reality T.V show to pass the time.

He started working on it in 1924, he finished it in 1926

It was publicy displayed onSeptember 7,1927

In 1926 the first electric television was made. In 1929, they improved the quality of the images by giving the the television a camera and a cathode-ray tube receiver. In 1954 we developed the first coast-to-coast color television transmitter. In 1964 we made the first flat Pannel TV. We made the first 3D Tv in 2010.

How It's Improved

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