Technology through the ages-Credit Card

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Technology through the ages-Credit Card

1950sThe Credit Card

The FactsWell Kind OfThe invention of the credit card is a little murky. This is mostly due to the fact that two major 100% different claims appear in the same year. Wait, There is more. These two claims are by Frank X. McNamara and John Biggins. Now when you have the chance I would like you to search those names. Something odd happens. Pictures of one guy show up. What do you think on this matter?

The two photos above are pictures of the two most claimed first credit cards.

The Picture of 'Frank X. McNamara'

The Picture of 'John Biggins'

The InventionJohn Biggins and Frank X. Mcnara are the most claimed inventors of the original credit card. Both claims take place in 1950.

Structure= Plastic With Engraving

Function=Easier payment for customers

How It Makes Life EasierThe Credit Card makes life easier because the card is so much smaller and can fit in your pocket instead of actually bringing money with you wherever you go.


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