Technology through the ages: 1940S

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Technology through the ages: 1940S

The atomic bomb was created because we feared that because nuclear fusion has been discovered years prior by Germany We feared the development of nuclear weapons The U.S Began studying the atomic bomb.When world war 11 began In 1939 In 1942 The U.S began The manhattan project.The bomb was completed and tested on July !6,1945The atomic bomb was further tested and started the nuclear arms race between Russia and America to see who could create more devastaing weapons.


The atomic bomb was invented in Las Almos,New Mexico and 2 billion $ were put in the project along with 120,000 americans.atomic bomb->Los almos ->

weapons of mass destruction

"A gods weapon"

albert Einstein did not have direct involvment in the invention of the atomic bomb but in 1939 just before world war 2 Einstein told Franklin D. Roosevelt of Nazi efforts to purify unranium.Which could be used to make a atomic bomb...The United states began the Mannhatan project a project that would be dedicated to the research and construction of atom weapons.(e = mc squared )

Atomic bomb

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<- plutonium 239 Structure A metal casing that inside is uranium which when touches a neutron becomes plutonium-239 inside the casing function It blows up gor miles wins wars devastates humanity that it is dropped on.Function

The atomic bomb made life easier by making sure the country that used it would not have to fight and simply watch It helped America win the war."nuclear weapons changed warfare forever"


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