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Technology Standards

According to Nevada Computer and Techology standards, by the 2nd grade, students should already know the basics of the keyboard, and by 5th grade, they need to show aprpropriate keyboarding skills. Therefore, in order to meet those standards, I, as an elementary school teacher, would have to adjust my curriculum in order to ensure the students learn the technology at a proper pace. I would give them minor assignments that requires them to at least type a few sentences so they can practice typing, and I would give them an assignment where they had to research a topic using at least one website, their other sources would be from books. Incoporating those types of activiteis will help make them meet those standards and prepare them for the next challenge, middle school.


By 12th grade, students should basically be able to take eveyrthing they have learned from their previous years about technology, and create something new. In high school this is where students are supposed to be creative and use what they learned, not learn about the technology. As a teacher, I would have to create assignments that students would have to create answers too using technology or have them invent something new by using digital programs.


According to the Nevada Computer and Technology standards, students should already be able to complete functions on a computer, use digital products, and use advanced search on computers without the help of a teacher. Instead of having my students learn from a book, I would give more assignments online and require them to do research online. I need to ensure these standards are met in order for them to be prepared for the next grade.


Technology Standards


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