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Technology Safety glog

What to do if you are experiencing cyberbullying?- Do not respond- Save evidence- Tell them to stop- Reach out for help- Use blocking and other tech tools- Protect your accountsFor more about how to respond click here

It's mean! Speak out against it!

For more information on the effects of bullying on offenders,bystanders, and suicide, visit


What is it? Bullying: "Repeated and deliberate harassment directed by one in a position of power toward one or more. Can involve physical threats or behaviors, including assault, or indirect and subtle forms of aggression, including gossip and rumor spreading..."Cyberbullying: Bullying "... through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Cell Phone Safety

- Share with Care; you can't take it back once you've sent!- Don't let others use your cell- Treat people the way you would want to be treated on social media- Do not sext- Spend time with the people around you rather than texting- Beware of app permissions (location, access to posts/contacts etc.)- Don't text and drive

VictimsAbout 1 out of 4 teens have been cyberbulliedOffendersAbout 1 out of 6 teens have cyberbullied others

Serious effects on the victim:-Depression and anxiety-Health concerns-Decline in school performance

Technology Safety Glog Ms. Brazil

Hear Shane Koyzan's poetic reflection on his experiences with bullying

For more details about cell phone safety click here

You are NOT alone! Check out this amazing video from the "It Gets Better Project" and watch more!


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