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Technology Playground

Tools that help you organize resources.

Tools your students can use to show what they've learned.

Stuff you make for--or with--your students.

VoiceThread: use pictures, audio, drawings, and movies to create the perfect slideshow. Presentation. Whatever.

Technology Playground

PBWiki: create a collaborative website, with each student in charge of a page.

---works very nicely on Teacher Toolbox pages!

podcasting, blogging, wikis, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, interactive maps, picture sharing, surveys...and more

Visit our Wiki at:SquareOne

There are many more web 2.0 tools for educators. Here are a few:

PB Wiki example

VoiceThread examples

Mind map by Luca Cremonini


  • mrhanna 13 years ago

    mrhanna's avatar

    Nice work... Like some of your elements... Wish I could work off what you have!

  • kebets 12 years ago

    kebets's avatar a teacher working on my master in library science..I want to be a librarian like you!
    Great projects!