Technology Inventions of the 21st Century (by anniemcb)

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Technology Inventions of the 21st Century (by anniemcb)

Iphone The Iphone was invented in 2007 and is a full touchscreen phone that also has the qualities of a phone and an Ipod. It can play music just like the Ipod but also is 3g and can have apps put on to it. This invention will have a large impact on society because soon it will be the thing to have and it is also one of a kind with its technology.

Robot Vacuum The Robot Vacuum was invented in 2002 and is a vacuum that works by its self and gets everyspot. This invention will impact society by making cleaning a little bit easier and giving people more free time. Hulu was invented in 2008 and is an online website where you can watch unlimited T.V. shows and movies. It will change society because it will make television shows a lot more accessable and more people will be able to watch them no matter what your schedule is.

IPad The Ipad was invented in 2010 and is a full touch screen device which can go on the internet and also be like a mini computer but with many more capabilities. It will change society in the standard for technology and also other companies will try and make similar items.


By: Annie McBride



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