technology integration

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technology integration

~ Technology integration is the inclusion of technology resources and technology-based routines into the daily work. ~ Technology resources are computer hardware and specialized software, network-based communication, and other equipment and infrastructure. ~ Practices include cooperative work, communication, Internet research, database management/student data tracking, and other methods to increase classroom productivity. ~ Successful integration is difficult to define; however it is important that integration be routine, seamless, and both efficient and effective in enhancing student learning.

Hello, let's talk technology!

What is technology integration?

My job:Helping teachers effectively integrate technology into the curriculum by ... - Becoming skilled in the basics of using technology. - Utilizing technology to support instruction. - Incorporating new technology into classroom practice. - Discovering new uses for technology tools and designing projects that combine various available technologies. - Concentrating on cooperative, project-based learning with technology being just one of many tools that students use."

I just LOVE technology!




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