Technology Integration in Literacy

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Technology Integration in Literacy

Technology Integration in Literacy

I have seen technology used in the classroom, but I didn't see any real integration that went beyond substituting. I saw my teacher use quiz sites and online stories, but there wasn't much else. I wanted to know how to effectively integrate literacy technology in the classroom.

Technology allows for meaning and authentic integration of literacy in the classroom. I read through some amazing ways that teachers are using blogging, video chats, digital storybooks, and other tools to create meaningful reading and writing.

Elizabeth is a teacher who incorporates technology into her kindergarten classroom. She and her students were posting back and forth with a National Geographic journalist who was traveling through the Middle East. She incorporated video files and music into this activity about Middle Eastern culture as well. This allowed the students to have a more meaningful literary discourse in the classroom.

Deirde is a fourth grade teacher who chose teaching as her second profession and tries her best to integrate technology into the classroom. She uses technology to teach vocabulary and critical thinking. She has her students delve into problem based learning through different online tools and activities. She also uses a document camera to model doing tasks on the students' homework to help guide them.

Elizabeth the Kindergarten Teacher:

Deirde the Fourth Grade Teacher:

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