Technology in WW1

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Social Studies
World War I

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Technology in WW1

Technology in WW1

Tanks from each country

-The "U-Boat" also known as the submarine; took down almost everything in the water.-Boat camouflage.- "Pings." -Machine guns attached to the side.Turrets.

World War 1 was the starting point of chemical warfare, they went back and forth with mustard gas, chlorine gas and dozens of others. As a defense, the opposing army used gas masks; not only on themselves but on the horses and anyother living thing that were being used in the war at the time. Some of the chemicals are even still used today!

- No mans land; barbed wire.- Trenches.-Machine guns; this was a breakthrough for both sides.-Tanks; HUGE game changer.-Grenades; each army had a different ype of hand grenade.



The British were the first to make a tank, which since they were the first of its kind were a prototype and had many faults, and broke down often. Although they slaughtered men on the other side, they were not invincible. All of the tanks that were built in WW1 could be penetrated by bullets and were extremely noisy to be inside of.

The Tanks

There were trenches that liked this^


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