Technology in the Classroom

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Technology in the Classroom

Our Passport to Technology

The focus of our project was to educate and inform educators about the various Web 2.0 technologies. This is a variety of online resources and media that provides background information about the technology and examples of how it can be used in education.

This video depicts the changing times and how technology is important to the classroom. There is an obvious difference between what used to be and what is now. Technology is the difference and needs to be implemented in the classroom.

This is where it began...

During the past few months our research led us to explore with various Web 2.0 Tools. Through workshops and learning sessions we sometimes traded roles as teacher and learner. Different tools such as NING, Wiki, Domo Animate, and Glogster have become second nature. It is now our job to initiate a school-wide effort to show students and teachers the importance of 21st century learning.

Mapping Our Course

Web 2.0 Tools

ISTE Standards for Students

We were presented with several Web 2.0 Tools and we experimented with four. Follow the footprints to see how we were co-learners and creators of technology.

A Compass in the Right Direction

Great Gatsby NING

WIKI Example

Domo Animate: Get With It!



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