Technology in Teaching

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Technology in Teaching

Technology in Teaching

The threats to our education system seem pretty clear - and the biggest challenge is not funding. The challenge rather is how our education system will produce citizens who can succeed.

There is an increasing interest for integrating information technologies into the use of cases in the teacher education.

Our students are ready to be taught the 21st century curriculum, are we as educators ready to keep up with them?

The concept of standard-based education in schools is more important today than ever before (Wan and Gutt, 2011).

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We argue that it cannot be more vital in the Knowledge Age that we let go of outdated content and teaching strategies adn replace them with current ones (Wan and Gut, 2011)

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Technology:Glogster, Animoto,Prezi, ePals, eThemes, ReadWriteThink, Envision, Illuminiations, Evalutech

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Studies have indicated that when teachers believe technology uses are valuable, they are most likely to incorporate those uses into their practice (Lefwich, Glazewski, Newbi, Ertmer, 2009).

More significant than where the United States lies in the media literacy movement is what public school teachers need to implement media educaiton in the classroom. Media literacy is becoming part of lexicon of educators and administrators, and it is being implemented in more districts across the nation than ever before, (Wan and Gutt, 2011).

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Technology Materials:As media are constantly changing the materials need to be current. Schools need to be updated with high speed Internet , storage devices, hard drives, large file capacities, LCD projectors, digital cameras, and recording devices, (Wan and Gutt, 2011).

TrainingCollege level media literacy courses need to be mandated in teacher's colleges. Professional development in the form of continued meddia literacuy training needs to be available for current teachers, school librarians, and information sciences personnel, (Wan gnd Gutt, 2011).

Media Literacy needs to be more integral part of the core content areas of most state education standards, (Wan and Gutt, 2011)

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