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Technology in Sport

Altitude Training


Clothing and equipment that athletes now have access to is more developed than ever. This allows athletes to perform to their maximum. For example running spikes allow runners to use the maximal energy output for the force they put in. In 1940 spikes were added to leather running shoes which where made of steel and were 2cm long. This made running spikes very heavy weighing an average of 6.7oz (189.942 grams) a pair. In 1996 running shoes began to be made of synthetic leather for durability, mesh for breathability, reflective material for safety, lightweight foam cushioning and carbon rubber/ blown rubber. The mental spikes were made of aluminium alloy rather than steel making them lighter and just as stronger even though the new improve spikes were only 10mm. The spikes of running shoes then further development in 2010. Although the spikes were made of the same material aluminium alloy, the spikes were made smaller and now shoes manufactures began designing different running spikes for different events/ distances changing the position of the spikes to maximise the performance of the runner.

Mi coach/ fit bit

Video Analysis


In order to improve performance review and evaluation are very important. As technology has developed it has allowed coaches and trainers to record sporting athletes and review performance with them in order identity flawless and ares for improvement within their performance. Video analysis is really useful in a range of sports and is used for both field and teach events in athletics. Runners use it to improve techie as they area able to tack the angle of their legs and their stride pattern/length. While athletes that perform field events use it to review their body positioning when throwing or jumping and can measure the angle of their trajectory .

Technology has allowed athletes to train harder and longer in conditions that will improve their body more than normal as their heart rate, vo2 max and energy input/output can now be measured. Mo Farah has taken advantage of the technology available to him to improve the way he trains. Altitude training as become massive amongst runners as it allows them to train their cardio respiratory system, and using technology they can measure and record their vo2 max to help them improve cardio input when taking part in a race.

To allow athletes to measure their heart rate, oxygen input, co2 output and distance covered/traveled. Technology such as fit bit and mi coach were created. Athletes are able to wear sensors that are able to record data for their body while they are training or competing in events in order to keep track of their body’s efficiency. When this technology first came out it was just available to professional sporting athletes like Paula radical who use to wear a sporting sensory when training in order to improve her respiratory efficiency when running, making it easier to improve her resort system allowing her to run further faster, and football players so that their training team could tack their movements and sprint speed while playing game. However as time went on this technology them became available to non professional sporting athletes to use.

Hyper Baric chamber

Due to the leap technology has taken in the last 10 years, the way athletes recover after injury has been improved. The hyper chamber is used by athletes that are in recovery from a range of injuries like sprains, fractures or recovering from surgery.The hyper chamber is used because it has been be proved to speed up recovery for athletes because it increase the amount of oxygen the body is able to get to the tissues in the body as well as increasing vasodilation. A high gradient of oxygen is a stimuli for angioneogenesis (the chemical the aids tissue recovery), which has an important in the stimulation of reparative and regenerative processes in the body. David Beckham is known for sleeping in a hyper chamber when he suffered a server foot fracture during football game, in order to aid his recovery.

Technology has also improved the accuracy of decisions by removing a larger percentage of human error form decisions that are made during sporting events. For example finish-line technology has made it easier for judges to see who crossed the line first when two athletes finish “neck-and-neck” by using laser beams to track the furthest points of the athletes, making sure the result is correct.


Drug Testing

The use of advanced technology has also improved the detection of banded performance enhancing drugs, and therefore increasing the fairness of sport. Athletics especially was labeled as a sport that has a large amount of athletes using these band substances. Many athletes were accused in the media and found it hard to battle with the allegations made adjacent them. Advanced technology has allowed scientist to create blood profiles for individual athletes, meaning that testing of each athlete can be much more thorough reducing the chance of cheating. Also these blood profiles can be used to prove false allegations wrong. Paula Radcliffe famously published her blood profiles through the media to prove allegation that had been made against her wrong. As technology improved it also gave scientists the ability to detect new drugs that are being used by athletes, that before were undetectable.


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