Technology in special education

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Technology in special education

Technology for All!New technology is allowing for teachers to not have to drastically change how one or two children are treated, taught, or how they recive information. Creating less of gap in instructional time, methods, and peer groups! (Double tap images or video to open menu and replace media with your chosen content)

Student Use of Technology in Special Education

Student use of technology in special education can help students communicate basic wants and needs

As well as answer and ask questions, and interact with teachers and peers.

Soundfield system- sounds from the classroom are sent directly to hearing imparied student's hearing aids.

Read2Go- this app can read aloud any text directly into headphones to help students with Specific Language Impairments comprehend and understand material better.

VoiceThread- Software that captures your student's voice, and pictures, a substitute for written papers.

Dynavox/I-pads-Using apps, or programable software, students are able to answer and ask questions, make comments using this technology. Students with autism, aphasia, and other langugae issues can use this to help communicate.


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