Technology for multi-dimensional learning

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Technology for multi-dimensional learning

Teachers will use technology to plan new lessons and projects.Digital Storytelling with Books, Posters, Newsletters or MagazinesVideo Creations and podcastsMemes to Communicate ideas/facts/opinions.Create Artwork and PortfoliosCreate Quizzes, Timelines or Maps

Digital Storytelling encompasses a wide range of subjects including visual communication, history and writing.

Technology for multi-dimensional learning.

Audio 3.

Podcasts will be used for narrative assignments and communication. These are very useful for students skills in interpretation and viual imagination.

Podcasts will be used for students to get different perspectives from teachers can be found in a multitude of subjects that will be used for cross-curricular projects and lessons.

Memes will be used for global collaboration with other schools in any subject.

They are a great method of self-expression and using text and imagery effectively.

Students will use portfolios college and job applications, and to present their work in any subject area or setting.

All of these forms of digital learning are also forms of assessment. However, there are dozens of assessment tools that teachers will use to assess student learning. "" is my favorite and is useful for formative and summative assessment and can be used for all grade levels for any subject. Additional assessment tools can be found at:

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