Technology and Relationships

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Technology and Relationships

How technology has changed and ruined relationships over the years

Name: Natalia Helm Date: 9-25-14

When couples are together, they're on their phone or ipad more than they're communicating with the person theyre with.

-When you wanted to talk to someone, youd do it face to face or at least over the phone. Now, we text and I.M. eachother and the other person cant hear the tone in your voice that they would hear in person or over the phone.

-The way our generation treats eachother and speaks to eachother are so different.-boys think its okay to call girls ''whores'' or ''b*tches''. Because we see that its alright on movies!

Some people are already insecure as it is. when someones significant other even ''likes'' or 'follows'' an attractive person, they would get worried and their self esteem will drop. Which makes them not feel loved enough and start not to trust their boyfriend/girlfriend.

-it gives you the ability to communicate with more people. -people meet more people on line and start talking to them while they have a girlfriend/boyfriend. and they can just delete their messages with that person when theyre with their significant other.


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