Technology and Music

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Technology and Music

* Music can be easily downloaded via illegal sites* Teachers are just beginning to learn technology so learning music technology is on the back burner* Learning basic music literacy (being able to read music) is being replaced with technology* Music directors need great knowledge of informationmanagement software to complete tasks*Funding for music education is at an all time low


* Support for music composition and production* Support for music performance* Support for self-paced learning and practice* Support for teaching music history* Support Support for interdisciplinary strategies

*Assist in cognitive learning such as observation, rehearsing, weighing, and judging (LDonline).*Assistive Music Technology (AMT): makes music accessible to those with special needs (Thomas).*Assistive Technology in Education/Music (wikibooks website): provides an overview of strategies and tools for using assistive technology to provide access to music for students with disabilities

Adapting for Special Needs

Technology Stategies

Technology &

Issues and Problems

* Beatwave* Kaossilator* Musyc* Practica Musica* Auralia* Naxo's Music Library* National Jukebox of the Library of Congress*

Apps, Websites, ...


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