Technology Abuse

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Technology Abuse

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.- Albert Einstein

We may not realize how technology has consume us, but we are lonely in our obsession with it. It defines us, not the other way around. We miss a lot of opportunities by standing with our phones loosing time, and the worst part we are wasting our lives sticking with our phones looking to things that won't help us at all, we miss time to be alone and take care of ourselves, to pray in silence, to watch a sunset holding hands with a loved one without telling the whole world what we are doing by posting pictures in social networks or posting the famous selfies.

Nowadays what matters is how many friends you have in social networks and how many friends in common you have with other people, how many likes you receive when you upload a picture, status..Gary said something important in the video that it's true and I totally agree with, “I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely” your friends in facebook don’t determine the TRUE people you know and the people that will always be with you, it's just a "lie" because you may have tons of friends but those can be "fake friends" and not all of them will stand by your side and stick with you.

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”― Albert Einstein

Technology Abuse

Gary Turk made a youtube video about how technology has consumed us and how we let it to control us. In the video he said several things that made an impact in me, those words were this ones: “‘We’re a Generation of Idiots, Smart Phones and Dumb People” “Give people your love, not your like.” “Be productive, attentive…put your time to good use.” now all that matters is what type of Smartphone you own "you are cool if you own an iphone" but is that what really matters? What about those days were we didn't had a phone and we used to go outside and play, when we used to explore things, hang out with friends without looking down at the screen of your phone

I don't understand why people wants to show people what they are doing the just use tons of hashtags like #fun #bestTimeEver... if it was true you don’t have to show it to people I bet it's just a pantomime and a way to say: hey look at me I'm out and "having fun".“Put your hands behind your head. Step away from the phone,” lets star enjoying like by putting away our phones and other type of technology, spend time with the love ones, enjoy the little things and see what earth has and appreciate.


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