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What is Technology?

After reading the course content, I came away with a lot of different definitions of technology. Not only were a many of them a little difficult to understand, finding a definition that resonated with me also proved tricky, but I did it!. Watching the video on The History of Technology in Education (2011) was a good starting point while giving a helpful example of how technology has evolved through the years. What I found interesting was that while some definitions were too specific, the more vague and open-ended ones made the most sense. My research findings will show this.



"science of craft"


Time to do some reading...


Before:Technology is a means of communication. In part, it is an intangible "thing" for lack of a better word that we use to connect with, to learn with, and to learn about. It's more than cell phones and laptops, but what? I'm not sure.

My initial thoughts

What really helped form an understanding of what technology means was Friedel's (2002) attempt at using cooking in the kitchen as a metaphor. This helped his students better relate to the idea that technology can be seen as a process of researching and designing to ultimately create something (pp. 842-845). Not only the process of looking through the fridge to see what ingredients were there, but the tools in which are required to actually make something are what defined the word and made it easier to understand.To further form a better definition of technology, Kevin Kelly (2009) stated most simply on that technology is "anything useful that a human mind makes". On the surface, this is one of the most straightforward definitions that can be found, and one of the easiest to understand. This description can be used in the many areas that technology is a part of.Perhaps anything related to food engages my mind, and reigns in my attention, but the idea that technology is a word used to describe the action of physically making things (Far Eastern Economic Review, 2000) is another simple and straight forward definition. The review compared the art of baking (science) to the physical process of baking a particular recipe (technology).Lastly, technology holds different meanings to different people depending on their profession. A couple of examples Li-Hua (2007) gave were "to a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research; to an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems"(p. 78). Therefore, although it can have many meanings, it is always used to aid an individual in one way or another.


Kevin Kelly on talks about technology

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(Liddell, H.G., Scott, R, 1980)

I chose to use Glogster for my assignment layout because it shows a fun and creative way to present my findings. The text boxes have small amounts of information, allowing the mind time to rest and not be overwhelmed. The images allow an appealing way for the eye to roam. The theme shows some of the evolution of technology and the layout is easy to follow, without getting lost or confused.

After doing my research, I have a much better understanding of the definition of technology. It means many things to many people, but ultimately I believe technology is a process that starts from the stem of an idea to the finished product, or the act of updating and improving products that already exist. It is also efficiency. Technology is ever changing, which is why its definition will always be open to interpretation.




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