Technological Innovations The WWI Battleship

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World War I

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Technological Innovations The WWI Battleship


Timothy BarrettAmerican History 2 HonorsSection 1

Leading up to World War 1, nations across the globe found a new thirst for the capability of naval dominance. The idea of the newly developed weapon, the "battleship," was found very attractive for any military power looking for control over the seas.

Division Nine of the American Navy

The Royal Navy's HMS Dreadnought

USS PennsylvaniaFirst Successful Aircraft Carrier

Technology progressed very quickly through the decades before WW1, and it was clear that a new, larger grade of battleship was required to truly own the ocean in pure strength. The first "dreadnought" was completed by the Royal Navy, making all previous ships obsolete and took on the class of "pre-dreadnought" instead.

Experimental Camoflauge

Record Breaking Guns on the HMS Dreadnought

Revolutionary Steam Turbine Engines


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