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It was the first man-made element!

Electron Shell Diagram for Technetium, Greg Robinson (


Quick Facts: Symbol: Tc Atomic Number: 43 Atomic Mass: 97.9072 Family: Group 7 (VIIB), Period 5 Type: Transitional Metal Pronunciation: Tek-NEE-she-um Radiactivity: YES! Isotopes: 19 different kinds Most Stable Isotope: Technetium-98 Uses: Used to make steel stronger (steel alloys), diagnose problems in a major organ or bone

Did you know that Technetium has never been found naturally on Earth, but it has been found in stars?

Properties: Technetium is a silver-gray metal with a melting point at 2,200 degrees celsius (that's 4,000 degrees fahrenheit!) It is a solid at room temperature and has a density of 11.5 grams per cubic centimeter. The half-life of technetium can be a several million years, but the half life of technetium-99m (that's the one used in medical diagnostics and the m means it's unstable) has a half life of only 6 hours!

Discovery: Technetium was discovered in 1937 in Italy by Emilio Segre and Carlo Perrier. It was discovered in a the products of a particle accelerator after using materials from the University of California at Berkeley.

Technetium comes from the greek word teknos, which means artificial!

Technetium, Periodic Videos (

Technetium-99m Generator: (

Technetium was discovered because scientists saw there was an empty spot on the periodic table where an element would have an atomic number of 43

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