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Lesson Planning

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Tech-PACK Rubric

Stay current on BEST practices.Encourage individualized technology use.Skill development and FLEXIBLE pathways, including student choice. Foster independence for students with special needs. Creates appropriate and attainable goals.Fosters leadership of technologies. Promote independent creative and critical thinking technological activities. Assess and evaluate online resources. Student and teacher collaboration for successful technology use.


Planning and Preparation

Positive, rule enforced setting where students have a voice in rules. Open to student ideas and new technologies. Students can showcase and take pride in their work. Encourages digital revision from teacher and peer review. Positive and effective leadership that promotes efficiency and professional technology use that allows for flexible movement between group and independent work. Independence and appropriate use of technology.

Technology use promotes discussion,feedback, peer response, self-regulation and self-reflection. Caters to learning styles of all learners.New technology usage. Student engagement through feedback.

Online resources, grading, communication that links to standards and learning objectives. Teacher is a leader in adopting and improving new technologies. Staying current with research and incorporating student ideas.

Professional Responsibilities

Classroom Environment



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