tech fair assignment

by MrsGrier
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tech fair assignment

1 sentence to tell the main idea.3-4 sentences giving IMPORTANT details about the topic.

Your text here

Your text here

Your text here


Create Glog About the topic you have researched.

"Enter project name..."

Get Inspired

Works cited: Here you list the places you got the information.Books like this:Title, author.Websites:url, date accessed

Instructions:1) Use this as a template. You can change the background and contents however you wish, but this is a good starting point. 2) You must include 5 facts about your topic. They can be picture captions.3) You must have pictures. They MUST have captions explaining them.4. You must try to include one video. I can help you find one on your topic. 5. You MUST have a works cited box at the bottom. 6. This box should contain an interesting sentence about your topic.



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